Little Big Planet Costume:Skwisgaar Skwigelf


Introduction: Little Big Planet Costume:Skwisgaar Skwigelf

About: I am a gear in the wheel that is KLOK, I fear not my MORTALITY...

i have created the most brutal sack person in the world!!! BEHOLD HIS POWER!!!!!

Step 1: Costume

put on the long bunches wig and any kind of pants that cover your legs entirely, i used those japanese ones that came in the free sackboy costumes thing (i forgot the name,maybe kabuki?  idk) no shirt because theres no sleeveless shirts in the game.  once your sackperson is fully clothed (kinda) you color the pants navy blue, the hair yellow, for Skwisgaar's black sleveless shirt u paint his torso (front an back) black.  on the face i have a custom sticker to simulate Dethklok's makeup they wear on stage.  i will post a level (on the game) containing the two stickers later this week.(the second being the navy blue color). if u cant find the level than just look up any dethklok costume simulator,theres not too many out there :(

Step 2: Boots Ands Gibsons Xplorers

for skwisgaars Gibsons Xplorers i used that badge thing in the objects menu and the skeleton leg from the same menu and attach them to the sackpersons back.  once ur finished with everything add the boots and uhh your done... yay...



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