Little Bits Car

Introduction: Little Bits Car

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Step 1: Gather Materials

MAterial list:
5x birch wood planks 30.48cmx30.48cm
3x Little bits power source
2x Little bits motor
2x little bits LED lights
1x Little bits
4x Little bits wires
1x Little bits double wire
1x wireless transmitter
1x Little bits wire receiver
1x Little bits cloud
1x Little bits fork
2x Little bits switch
2x Lego wheels 56mmx26mm
2x Lego wheels 22mmx13.2mm
12x zip-ties
1x marker
1x ruler
1x drill

Step 2: Laser Cut Wood

Laser cut the car floor, sides, roof,and rear and the front, sides, and roof of the hood using the dimensions from the pictures. Dimensions are inches

Step 3: Assemble Switch

Attach one of your little bits power sources to the split wire. Then attach to switches to each end of the split wire. Finish by attaching the switches to a wireless transmitter.

Step 4: Assemble Little Bits

First attach a little bits power source to a little bits fork. Then attach two wires to the fork and attach the wires the two motors. Add your last power source to the cloud. Then attach the cloud to the wireless reciever and connect the two LED lights to it via wires. Then drill holes in the car floor so you can use zip ties to tie down the little bits with the LED lights near the front and motors in the back.

Step 5: Finish Project

Attach the 56mm wheels to the motors in the back and attach the axle near the front of the car where you will and the 22mm wheels. Then attach the car sides, rear, roof, and hood to the car wiith holes drilled in the front of the car for the lights.

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