Little-Bits Two Way Morse Code

Introduction: Little-Bits Two Way Morse Code

This is a fun way to learn and play with Morse code, electronics, led lights, buzzers and Little Bits.

You will need
matching glasses cases
Blue tack
scrap paper x2
pen x2

Little Bit pieces or equivalent;
p1 power
i3 button x2
w1 wire x3
o3 rgb light
o6 Buzzer.

Step 1: Assemble Little Bits

Connect Little Bits as shown in picture.

Each Little Bit is links to the next in this order: p1 power, w1 wire, i3 button, w1 wire, i3 button, w1 wire, o3 rgb light, o6 Buzzer.

Test connection after linking whole circuit.

Step 2: Final Assembly

Stand cases back to back with open lids.
Use Blue tack to stabilize.

Place circuit in glasses case as shown, you may need to use blue tack to secure.

Step 3: Morse Code Charts

Step 4: Make It Into a Game

You and at least one other person must now make the game cards.
Cut business card size rectangles from cardboard and write questions and answers to short riddles, jokes, questions or trivia.
The shorter they are the faster the game can be played. Maths questions are really good for speed of sending.

Step 5: Game Lay Out and Play

Two players sit opposite one another with the cases in the center.
Question cards face down. Timer ready.
Code cards and scrap paper ready for use.

First player picks up 1 question card and starts translating it to Morse code.
Second player notes on their paper message sent.
Timer starts (start with at least 3 minutes first time you play).
Second player translates message back to writing and forms answer.
Second player sends answer in Morse code
Timer stops.

Second player picks up from question pile and sends the question in Morse Code.
It is First Player turn to Answer.

Play repeats.

Make sure you hold down your button to allow the other player to send signal to the light and buzzer.

Make two Morse code code circuits and have two teams racing each other.

Who can deliver a 15 character code the fastest competition.

Add an extra button and wire for a three way twist. Player one sends question, first out of player two or three that answers wins.

Learn or make up Acronyms which can be communicated faster than full words.

Use it to communicate coordinates for a game of battle ships.

Make up your own Morse code games.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Cool, but the Morse Code chart should show the sounds "dit" and "dah" rather than dots and dashes, i.e.

    a - di dah
    b - dah di di dit
    c - dah di dah dit


    73, <--ham radio lingo for "best regards"

    Dan KB6NU