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Introduction: Little Blue Whale : Minecraft Creations

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So you wanna build a blue whale, do you? Fantastic, let's do it!

This awesome little whale is cute and super easy to make. And takes 10 minutes or less.

I used Minecraft PE (in creative) to make this, but I've also made it on my console game and can be made pretty easily even in survival mode.

I have to give some credit to SethBling on YouTube- he has an awesome building game that I love. He made a blue whale once, I've only slightly altered the design, but it is now using items found on the Pocket Edition AND full versions of the game.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

To start- you will need some space. It's pretty small so you need a minimum of 6(W)x 11(L)x 8(H). The height is really up to how you high you place the blowhole. These measurements are based on the ground (or water) level. There is one additional row of blocks that will go below the water. Making the whale technically 7 blocks in total height.

Blue Wool
Quartz (or White Wool)
Two Skeleton Skulls
Buckets of Water (if your not building in water)

See- not intimidating at all!!

Step 2: Starting With the Tail

The first Pic is just an idea of the space you need.

Let's start with the tail.

Place a 2x2 square of your Blue Wool (or Lapis or Clay, or what have you)

Then place 2 block on top of one side (whichever side you want to be the tail)

You should basically have a large step

Now from the back of the 2 blocks you just added. You're going to add 2 more blocks. Then build up (in one block layers) 2 more blocks, then 4 and then 6 with the middle two blocks missing

See pic three for what the back should look like

Step 3: The Body

From here on out- we're basically talking about square shapes, with some corners missing. We'll be talking in terms of height and width, but each layer will be one block thick(or deep). Each of the layers will be centered based on the two blocks coming from the tail.

Opposite of your tail, from ground (or water) level-

Add a 2x2 square (from here I will always list these in terms of height x width)

Now 3x4, knock out the top two corners

Now 4x4, do this 2 times

Next another 4x4, but this one knock out your top corners

Add a 2x4 strip, one block off the ground level, again taking out the top corners. (Basically a 4 long strip with a 2 strip on top)

Throw in your 2 white blocks of choice in the empty row under the set you just made.
( I used wool here, but you'll see that I later change this to Quartz- just a personal preference)

Last- 2 more blocks, sticking out on their own, they should be in the layer above the white wool. This makes the nose.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Only thing we're missing now is eyes and that famous blow hole!

So if you playing on the computer or your console, you can add some buttons for eyes if you want, you may even choose to fill in blocks where we are going to make our eyes. Maybe you're using Pocket Edition- I did for this 'ible because it's easier for me to take screenshots and then make the 'ible right here on my phone. PE doesn't have redstone yet so we don't have buttons.

I digress-

The eyes. Get on top of our cut little whale. Stand on his head and turn so that you're at a 45* angle. You have to do this so that the skulls will be on an angle. This will completely hide the faces on the. I used a skeleton skull here, I like the color. Use what you wish. But it goes in the first missing corner, right behind the nose.

Throw your skulls down and let's build the blow hole.

Ok. So you can use blue here or white. White kind of looks like the foam and bubbles in the water. Blue looks like, well, water.

If you use white, wool definitely looks best. I used Quartz so that you can see the blocks better. But I think wool looks really good. Also- the Chiseled Quartz looks fun too.

Go as high as you want- I'm partial to the four high.

Knock out the 2 blocks behind the eye layer. •see picture

Go up (4) blocks- build ur water bubbles/barrier. It's basically a 4x3, with no corners and no center. •see picture

Make sure the missing center is aligned with the hole you made in the whale. This will be a flooding mess otherwise. Take your water buckets and add to the inside of the hole. This will make a stream flowing straight into the blow hole. (If you mess up simply throw a block in the water source, move it and start over)

Technically- you're all done! Enjoy your cute little whale.

But I made this whale in water, you say- what about the underside you say? Or maybe I wanted to put water around it, what now!?

Continue to bonus steps!


I dug a hole, lined it with Glowstones and Diamonds- creative mode is fantastic. Seriously expensive pool for a little whale. If you're in the water, well it's time to go swimming.

On the bottom side, your going to add 6 white blocks. 2 rows of 3. In a line right from the white you previously placed. •see pictures

All done! Enjoy! I'll be adding more 'ibles soon, so please keep an eye out for them!

Step 6: Vote for Me in the Epilogue Contest!

I'm a toy designer- I would love to win the Laser and 3Doodler, shoot, I'd like to just win the 3Doodler. I'm living on a budget just like the rest of you. I can't afford the things I need to progress my designs. But if I could win a few things, I'd be able to make my designs come to life and share them all with you. Maybe even host my own contest! So please vote for me if you liked this walk through.

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