Little Cream Pot to Carry on Journey

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Make a little cream pot to carry on journey with a plastic bottle

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Step 1:

All you need is
1 plastic bottle
Anti cutter
Old glass paper
glue (super glue is best)

Step 2: Cutting Part 1

Cut out the bottom part of the bottle with the help of anti cutter

Step 3: Cutting Part 2

Cut the extra part of it

Step 4: Smothen the Lines

Take the iron machine and switch it on Then put the bottom part of the bottle into it and put it there for 3-6 seconds

Step 5: Attaching

Take the old glass paper and put some glue on it and attach the bottom part of the bottle with this.

Step 6: Last Part

After it get dry to cut it off and put some cream or vaseline on it.

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