Little Devils

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I have been wanting to do Devil costumes for quite some time now. This year my son the youngest finally said OK! Finding the dress was easy...but to find something for what I was imagining in my mind for my son was the challenge. After hours of searching and even trying to find a RED 3 piece suit, I finally found this Darth Maul costume that was perfect. Since I usually build their costumes off of an object and do alot to make them the way I want, I decided that makeup was going to be my major thing this year. I purchased the wings and recycled a really old pair of horns for my daughter costume. My sons horns on the other hand are a pair of Antelope horns off of an antelope I had killed a few years back. I drilled holes in them and used flower wire to wire them to a headband. I painted their nails with a black crackle paint and then spray painted their hands with red hair spray, which cracked with their movements giving them a real creepy look. Both of them have naturally curly hair and are blondes so I pinned my daughters hair around her horns and teased my sons hair then sprayed them both down with red and black hair spray. On their faces I used a combination of red cream make up and Ben Nye red baked powder along with black & grey eye shadows and liquid eyeliner. I searched long online for makeup and pics of devils and came up with my own idea of how I wanted them to look. They turned out perfectly! I couldnt be happier with how they looked this year

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