Little Dragon Eggs From Polymer Clay




as a fun little project, I made a couple little dragon eggs that can be used as pendants or just little trinkets. the way I made these was by rolling a bunch of little balls out of polymer clay, and then sticking them together into a general egg shape. the lumpier these are the better. i then poked a whole through them with a paper clip in case i want to put it on a necklace or keychain. after baking them for the right amount of time, i coated their outsides with several coats of black paint. after that came the most arduous and important part of the process: sanding. in order to make the color show and leave black in all the little cracks, I sanded the eggs with my belt sander, smoothing them out. i then used manual sandpaper (if you don't have a belt sander, you can use this for the entire process) to smooth it out more. i used 90 to 120 to 300 grit sandpaper to make it nice and shiny. Afterward, I buffed it on my jeans, its easy to just rub it on your pants when watching TV or something, it just gives it that extra shine. for the red one, i then went in with a hint of transparent gold paint to make it seem more like a fiery kind of egg, it added a nice effect.

Overall, this project took an afternoon to do, and is a great little activity for people with intermediate experience with polymer clay. I'd recommend you try it, these things would look great in green or gold clay.



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    4 years ago

    I have a suggestion for ur dragon eggs :) when u are using ur base color (ex: blue) mix in some black or white. It gives a great effect, and u can still do the black outline. :D