Little Frida Kahlo!

Introduction: Little Frida Kahlo!

About: Not THAT kind of hooker. The kind armed with a crochet hook. ;)
“I leave you my portrait so that you will have my presence all the days and nights that I am away from you.”
~Frida Kahlo

I made this tiny Frida Kahlo for a friend, because who can resist an excuse to make a tiny unibrow?? Frida is crocheted from acrylic yarn using an E-sized hook, and filled with polypellets (for weight) and polyfil. Accents on the clothing were embroidered on, and her chain is a tiny chain that I stitched into place. Her unibrow was a single line of embroidery thread. You can't have Frida without the unibrow!

(NOTE: There is no pattern for this post)



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    Where are the instructions? I bought the Pro to be able to get them but i don't see them.

    Hello I just became a PRO member almost only for this pattern and I can not see the instructions please help me...... I already download the PDF but there is not pattern there... What can I do?, because if I can not have this pattern I need my money back! Thank you!

    I can not see the instructions in the pdf . I am a member pro .. help please !!! Thank you . I really want to do this project.

    hi!! I love this little Frida!! could you share the pattern?

    Hi! Can you share the pattern?

    This is totally adorable!!! I wish I was better at crocheting!!!