Arduino House

Introduction: Arduino House

I created a house with a light that graually turn on a light if it is dark and an alarm connected to the door the squeeze and send email if someone enter the house!

Step 1: Make the Circuit

Use my Fritzing file to copy the circuit I realized.

You will need:

  • LED
  • buzz
  • bulb

you can add a potenziometer (for buzz volume) and everything you'd like!

Upload the casa.ino file into your board!

Step 2: Set the Light

On my file is already done!

Link a bulb lamp to a transistor and the transistor with one of your arduino's pin..

Create a circuit with a 2K resistence and a fotoresistence, this is useful to read the voltage in the connection of two resistence..

Done..! The lamp turns on in the dark!

I did analogRead from fotoresistence and then analogWrite to transistor!

Step 3: Set the Alarm

Download Blynk app! (

Create a circuit with a push button, and a contact sensor for the door: when the door is closed digitalRead(button) should be 0!

Create an email widget on the app!

It's done!

My code sends an email when the door's open!

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    thats my erro how will i fix it? im just a beginner, reply asap, thanks!!!


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    @wold630 Corrected, thanks;-)


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    Some of your photos are upside down!