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Introduction: Little Latte and Barista Family Halloween Costume

About: Yes...I am a pharmaceutical rep. I'm also a wife and mother of a beautiful little girl (with another little one on the way!)...clearly I needed a blog! Formally, I am The PharMa, but since we're friends, yo...

Those who know me personally also know my love/addiction of "S-Bux". So for her very first Halloween, Little E was a Latte while Mom and Dad went as Baristas!

I took a white onesie added the logo to the front and boxes/back of cup to the back using transfer paper.
The top was a plastic ziplock container with a hole cut out, tissue paper for whipped cream, brown ribbon for chocolate, and several Starbucks straws taped together to create a mega straw. I also added ribbon to tie under her chin (not seen in photo).

Our costumes consisted of white shirts, khakis, and the trademark black apron with logo attached (this can be found by searching the internet). So yes...the Baristas made a latte ;)

Then I checked off the "milk" box because clearly that's all that was in this particular latte ;) Pretty simple and very cute, huh?

-The PharMA :)

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