Little Mermaid Snarfblat

Introduction: Little Mermaid Snarfblat

About: I'm a teacher who loves to craft in my spare time. I hope you are inspired to create some of the items I've featured.

HUMAN STUFF, HUH? I've always loved movie props and recently bought a snarfblat off Etsy from an AMAZING shop (check it out and was then inspired to take my own. Maybe you will be too!

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Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need:

-Expanding foam

- Newspaper for your work space

- A tobacco pipe

- Fake seaweed

- Plastic pearls and rhinestones

- Hot glue gun

I bought the pipe on eBay, the expanding foam from Home Depot, and the rest of the items at Michael's. This cost about $5 to make and about 45 minutes total.

Step 2: Option One of Foam Assembly

Now this is the first way I tried to make the snarfblat. I didn't like the process, but I think the foam ended up looking better in the end. So, take your pick.

You'll need to have everything set up. Pipe unwrapped, foam cannister and all the bling ready to go.

Hold the pipe with one hand while spraying the foam into it. Let the first layer dry a bit then add some more. Remember, it's supposed to look like it's bubbling out of the pipe, so you can let it dribble down the sides. Make sure you don't make it look like and ice cream cone.

After the final layer sets a bit, add some pearls and seaweed.

Step 3: Option Two for Foam Assembly

I made a whole bunch of foam piles. I let them dry for a while until they weren't tacky to the touch, but they were still pliable. I grabbed a pinch off a pile and then sculpted it like clay in different layers onto the pipe.

I'd suggest putting lotion on your hands or wearing gloves as this step is pretty sticky, hence the lack of photos.

Step 4: Decorate

I taped the pipe to the table to keep it stable while I decorated it. It made it easier to add the bling to the pipes I used foam option one, but wasn't necessary for foam option two.

Step 5: Enjoy!

They all turned out so different and are so fun to look at. I made quite a few and I might end up selling them myself, but for now I'm just enjoying my collection!

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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very funny, and pretty! If you do sell them I'd make sure to include a disclaimer that these should never go into a fish tank because of the foam chemicals. For a moment I found myself thinking "that's be a really funny tank decoration" before I snapped out of it and realized that could kill all the fish!


    Reply 5 years ago

    You can probably make a fish-safe version using a plastic or ceramic pipe (I wouldn't trust the wooden ones) and an aquarium-safe adhesive or epoxy (or Sugru).