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Hello Instructables!  This is our entry to the I Made It! contest, they are the little monster notebooks byAlpineButterfly.  If you are interested, here is the link: .  We made a few changes to the design.  We did not have any fake fur on hand, so we used other materials.  The brown monster is made from fake leather, and the blue and white ones are made from re-purposed leg-warmers that my sisters decided to use.  We also didn't have any book-board for the backing, so we used some small spiral bound notebooks for the base instead (see the last pictures...).   We also used a hot glue gun, which made the whole craft much faster (we finished all of them in about an hour.) and googley eyes.  This is a great craft for young children, as long as they have an adult helper.  Thanks for the great instructions, AlpineButterfly!

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    3 years ago

    Tricky things. Just remember to stroke the spine!

    Awesome!!! I just happened across this. I love it guys, and I love the adaptations you made for kiddo. And that you're using what you have on hand... AND the horns, I'm totally loving the horns. Ok... and the nostrils. I'm not sure they would have showed up on mine, but totally cool!

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