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Greatings everyone.

I fiddle around with portable speakers and also DIY high end audio for music at home from time to time.

That´s one of my latest builds. It´s a stereo bluetooth speaker, with dimensions of roughly 30x20x6cm.

Left and right are the two channels (two way) from these Philips tv speaker, which are incredibly powerful for this price. For a little extra bass i added a third woofer in the middle (upper driver), the ND91 from dayton.

Below it is a passive membrane. Everything is powered by a TDA 7492 class D amp

I rounded over the holes in the front plate with a router.

Front and back are multiplex, the front is coated multiplex (epoxy rasin). The sides are covered with a robust red cloth, it is glued to them as well. On the bottom i used an aluminum strip in a deepening to fix/lock (i can´t find a good translation) the cloth into place. On the back there is a DC jack. I moved the battery to the outside.

This has two advantages: using a simple converter cable like this you can power that thing with any powerbank, laptop, usb charger or whatever you have lying around. Or just power it directly with a 12v dc charger (like most laptops use).

With my 20mah powerbank (they always calculate this for 3,7v, so that would be 20:12x3,7 = 6,17mah for 12v) i get around 20-27 hours of playtime depending on volume (medium or high).

Secondly it was easier to build an the box weighs less.

All in all it cost me about 50€, which could have significantly been reduced, but i wanted to test out and try new things (passive membrane was expensive, didn´t know you could get these things so cheap on AliExpress when i bought them).

If you´re further interestet - tell me (e.g. via e-mail: or here, if that´s possible.

I´m thinking about uploading a sound demo to YouTube.

Have a lovely weekand - Jacques from Germany.

Step 1: Sound Demos

Distance speaker to back wall: about 50cm

Distance camrea to speaker: about 1m (it´s zoomed in)

Sadly my camera seamingly is primarely a photo-camera, which it does excellent.

The Videos however lack a bit in sound and image quality.

The base is not as mushy, the sound - especially the highs are clearer/more vibrant in reality.

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    2 years ago

    Nice appearance, wall of sound style. Question, are there internal dividing walls to separate the bass and the left and right channels? All in one enclosure will work fine except at high volume. Powerful bass notes would interfere with the mid range drivers. You would get also get better stereo separation with dividers.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago


    (If you really like it i´d be thankful for a vote ;) )

    I had dividers, giving the sub, as well as the left and right about 1,5l each.

    But that meant a huge compromise in bass.

    At the moment the stereo channels play full range anyway: tweeters are shielded and the "midranges" play lower frequencies as well.

    Removing the dividers improved the bass tremendously. And sure - for high end speakers deviders are crucial when using a 3-way setup. But to be honest for a portable speaker with 5$ stereo sets this doesen´t apply. It sounds pretty decent and quality didn´t suffer from removing the deviders :)


    Nice speaker design. Do you have any information about the cuts that you made when assembling it.

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    Front: 210x280mm (9mm multiplex)

    Back: same dimensions (6mm multiplex)

    they sandwich the frame, wich consists of:

    Bottom and upper piece: 280x70mm mdf (i think 9m as well)

    left and right piece: 202x70mm mdf

    (210mm hight minus 2x9mm from bottom and upper piece, they sandwich the sides)

    cutouts in the front:

    tweeters: 25mm

    midrange woofers: 52mm

    woofer in the middle: 75mm

    passive radiator: here 90mm, but whatever fits your passive membrane

    there are two additional passive radiators on the sides hiden behind the red fabric,

    (they are glued to the backside of the philips modules)

    i drilled two holes (i think 35 or 40mm), sawed a connection with a jigsaw,

    grinded everything and used a router to round the edges.

    greetings - Jacques