Little Puppet

Introduction: Little Puppet

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First create your project with Scratch.

This is what I created: the story of a puppet!


Cardboard, styrofoam balls, images of history to be printed and colored, cotton thread, glue, scissors, a 1.5 volt battery (LR27A MN27 G27A L828 CA22 EL812), card with sound for postcard, sheet of parcel paper, copper wires, metal buttons, scotch tape, aluminium sheet, mug, ribbon LED lights, polymethylmethacrylate (plexiglass cutouts).


Cartone, palline di polistirolo espanso, immagini della storia da stampare e colorare, filo di cotone, colla, forbici, batteria da 1,5 volt (LR27A MN27 G27A L828 CA22 EL812), scheda con audio per cartolina, foglio di pacchi, fili di rame, bottoni metallici , nastro adesivo, foglio di alluminio, tazza, nastro luci LED, polimetilmetacrilato (ritagli di plexiglass).

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Step 1: Coding Project

This is the story of a puppet created to use Makey Makey but you can also use the arrows on your keyboard: UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT (UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT ARROW).

The Scratch Project is here.

Step 2: QR Code

Create the QR Code with RCODE MONKEY.

You can also add an image like the one you see.

Step 3: Storytelling

Recording of the story made with Scratch.

Step 4: The Instructables Puppet Video

How the electronic model of the story works and how you can tell it.

Step 5: Makey Makey Working

Here is the final product with Makey Makey!

Connect the terminals to the aluminum sheet that you have to wrap in the arrow-shaped pexiglass cutouts to execute the programmed scripts and navigate through the story that will be started by placing the cup on the "button" that corresponds to the mouse click (the rectangular cutout ).


Collega i morsetti al foglio di alluminio che devi avvolgere nel ritagli di pexiglass a forma di freccia per eseguire gli script programmati e navigare durante la storia che sarà avviata poggiando la tazza sul "bottone" che corrisponde al click del mouse (il ritaglio di forma rettangolare).

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    8 days ago

    This puppet is so cute! On the inside of your puppet where you have the movable puppet inside with brass fasteners, you could also make those connections work with Makey Makey! Great work!


    Reply 7 days ago

    Thanks!! :-)