Little Red & Big Bad Wolf


Introduction: Little Red & Big Bad Wolf

About: I'ma 20 year old girl from Canada who loves makeup! Follow me for some awesome makeup ideas :D

Little red riding hood with a twist!
All you need is makeup and face paint! I recommend water based face-paint as it is more vibrant and doesn't smudge easily. All of this can be easily removed with warm water!!

Step 1: Watch the Video :D

I got my costume from
(Lady Miss Red)

This look would look really cool with some awesome cat eye contacts
and you can get 50% off of contacts with my code at :



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    btw I voted for this one too because I forgot =3_-) . I love all your ibles but I feel a bit weird being one of the only guys who like your stuff XD. Anyway, keep up the good work. your YouTube is gr8 btw :)