Little Shop of Horrors - Audrey 2 Costume

Introduction: Little Shop of Horrors - Audrey 2 Costume

I decided to make my own costume this year and I decided I would like to go as Audrey 2 aka the mean green mother from outer space!

I couldn't find any examples online to go by so I decided to make it myself which involved a lot of trial and error - below is how I finally made my little master piece :)

Firstly I bought a huge 16" ballon - blow this up to be big enough for your head to fit in.

Cover balloon in Papier Mache and leave to set - I found that the more layers the better (make sure you let it dry fully between each layer)

I then applied a layer of Mod-Roc/Plaster of Paris strips and let this set.

Looking at the solid balloon side ways I then cut a triangle shaped wedge for the mouth.

I then got some old triangle shaped scraps of foam and aligned them around were the lips would be to help give the shape (papiermache could have been done to build up the lips but i thought this was too time consuming and may be too heavy).

I then built Papier mache over the lips to give a more even and more of a pout shape :)

I then done strips of papier mache across the top to look like veins - rope could be used instead and then I did a layer of white tissue papier mache over it all.

I then cut a hole in the bottom for my head, it is always best to start with a smaller hole first as once you cut too big it's difficult to go back.

If the mod roc is too hard to cut through then I found using a drill to get started helped a great deal otherwise id be there all week cutting one hole!

I then covered the whole of the head in yellow poster paint and then I painted the lips with red poster paint.

Once this has dried I then got different colours of green paint and sponged and streaked layers arounf the top and sides - you can really make this bit up as you go a long.

I hope that explains the head (more than happy to answer any questions on this)

For the mouth - I found that by just placing teeth on the bottom part was sufficient otherwise I really wouldn't be able to see a thing with it on! I stuck some card on inside of mouth - enough to place some teeth which were made out of papier mache also and were moulded around some old devil horns from an old costume last year.

For the leaves at the back of the head:

I was on a budget so I found that by glueing several sheets of newspaper together it was thick enough to use, I then cut a template for a leaf and repeated this 4 times (again it's entirely up to you how many leaves you want to make - go wild with it).

I then just used blue poster paint and applied some glitter paint over this for added effect. I then hot-glued the leaves into place - it can help to have someone hold them into place while you are glueing!

So yeah this is my first instructable, I hope you like it and be sure to leave me some comments :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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    4 years ago

    Hi Shaun! I'm working on this for my halloween costume (with some adoptions of my own) but I have a question. What are those black bars on the side of the mouth? Thanks for this post! You were right , there wasn't much on how to construct this head!