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Introduction: Little String Sick Steve

About: Maker, Woodworker, puppeteer, working on a lonely hill in the rural heart of Portugal.

Now he's gonna be a marionette, the newest character Little Steve. He's a singer, a guitar player, a bit older, will grow a grey beard....

Our new project is going to be made totally out of reclaimed materials like plastic packings and bottles, old clothes and other things we will rescue from the bin... ...all these things will tribute to his character!

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Step 1: Starting With Some Packages.

There used to be some salty goodies in here..
Some cutting and some glue..

There used to be ping-pong balls in here..

So...using the ping-pong balls packing to hold his future eyes...

Step 2: Shaping the Marionettes Head

and the head is getting some shape..

Still, just a transparent shape.

Using a hot glue pistol makes is easy to build layers.

Step 3: Making a Nose

The packing of a little led light...No face without a nose!

so that's a nose...and until now only re-used materials give the little fellow a profile.

Step 4: The Mouth

The lid fits in the bottum...making a mouth

Step 5: Making the Eyes

Now...we use the ping-pong balls as eyes.

Just trying out the right place for his he can sleep and be awake.

Mouth open......mouth shut. Some more shaping with whatever lays around

Step 6: Shaping the Face

Giving him a basecoat, so other materials will stick.

Shaping the face with some old fabrics

Step 7: Making the Skin

On the operation table he'll get his first skin layer.

Giving him a few more coats of plaster and paint...He seems te become a happy guy!

Step 8: Moving Eyes

Putting his eyelids on.....

Each eye has its own movement.... because he asked for it (something to do with girls passing by)

Step 9: The Cap

Now this is an old sock, and it's just getting one make a cap, together with just a piece of cardboard. His ears are getting shape to.

All the strings are coming out of his cap.

Step 10:

Soon he's gonna grow a beard...and get some healthy colour on his skin. We leave his head to dry, rest and think....It's time for a body.

Now this is a 5 liter water bottle...The bottom is cut out and molded up side down back but under an he's getting a bit of a but. Now there's room to place his upper legs.

Step 11: The Legs

Found some aluminium tubes that came from a shower curtain......and cut them in half under 45°

Using some cord and tape..and moulded them together again.

Put some old Tube-isolation around it....and Little Steve got his legs.

His knees are supported with....some of the stretch fabric to secure the distance and keep the knees flexible.

Step 12: Connecting Legs to Body

A little peace of wood, moulded between his legs makes it a bit stronger. For now it's just a plastic 5-liter water bottle on legs.

Step 13: Making the Shoulders

Just 2 - one liter - plastic bottles....from which we cut of the tops like this so they will combine easy.

Just some old bolt connected to the screw-top of the "body bottle" and that gives Little Steve his shoulders.

Step 14: Making Hands

Well, hands! He needs some hands to play guitar.

Some electric parts that were laying around will be converted into his hands.

Now its just a matter of sculpting around the steel wire.

Left and right.....with different functions.

Step 15: Sculpting the Hands

So...I cut it of, before the old watercooker got its permanent place at the recycling plant. It didn't matter, it wasn't that hotheaded anymore lately....

Stripping........and covering the the fingers some shape.

Leftover self-adhesive insulation foam is fill up the missing parts. Some tape did the rest.

The same stretch fabric from Little Steve's head is used to make some gloves.

Although very difficult to stitch together......after some (°-°) & (°<>°) and (^±^).....the result is OK.

Step 16: Shoes

Now, how simple can it be.... Just the cardboard package inserts of some shoes and some pieces of old plywood....make perfect shoes for Little Steve.

Little Steve has got real boots for walking with just some black paint.

Step 17: The Arms

Some parts of bottles, plastic lids and some wooden spindles found in the skip made the arms.

Step 18: The Body Complete

Now the body is complete.......and after many suggestions, I decided to leave the hands as they are, and will not paint them. Some kids jeans saved from getting in the bin, by a friend.......and a shirt donated by a secondhand shop in Tomar. With some adjustments, cutting and sewing, Little Steve is dressed

Step 19: Little Steve's Beard

It took so many wool.... that the sweater my wife is gonna miss some sleeves

After two weeks of growing a beard, I'll guess it's time for a barbershop visit.

Step 20: Controls

After sorting out a few problems with the controls....Little "String Sick" Steve came alive!

This probably is the hardest part of the build. Everything is controlled with my right hand, except his right arm.

His moving eyes, mouth, left hand and head movement are all controlled by little leavers and old parts out of a clock. The handle itself is made from scrap wood and cloth hangers.

Step 21: A Cigarbox Guitar for Little Steve

A cigarbox guitar made from just recycled materials...

Step 22: Last Details

The sliding hand of Little Steve is controlled by a little lever and wheel out of an old mecano box and a elastic band. His eyes are separately controlled by little rubber chair leg rubbers. He is not a full functioning marionette, because of him being so heavy he will sit in a chair.

Step 23: His First Peformances

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    6 years ago

    That's what I thought, I thought it was inspired by the musician Seasick Steve, I love that guy he's awesome and this came out great! Nice job =)

    Thanks for all the nice comments! And yes... it's obvious who gave me the inspiration (@Dread_Neck)


    6 years ago

    As in seasick Steve?


    6 years ago

    Yes video of him alive - thank you for inspiration


    6 years ago

    Nothing short of amazing!!! Bravo!


    6 years ago

    You are talented


    6 years ago

    Great build - love to see a video of Steve in action