Little Super Dog

Introduction: Little Super Dog

About: I'm an awesome kid who likes star wars and legos!!! (oh yeah and taking electronics apart and messing with them!!!!!)Star Trek is epic! (Above, me as a Borg drone)

I'm going to tell you how to make the SIMPLEST coustume for your dog!!! So hope you like it and want to do it!
P.P.S. Sorry if  the pics are bad, I did my best.

Step 1: What You Need

Here's What You Need:
1. A bandanna of any kind
2. A blanket of any color or shape (not a circle or oval)
3.A CUTE dog of any size shape or color (Don't worry if your dog is ugly, people will still think the dog is cute)

Step 2: Now We Get Started.....

Now for the fun part!!!
We start out by putting the blanket over the dog and tieing it tight (not to tight) around the dog's neck as a cape.

Step 3: Almost Done!!!

Your ALMOST done!!!

Now take the bandanna and tie it around the dogs neck like you did with the blanket.

Step 4: Now Your DONE!!!

Now your ready to save the world from candy theifs with your SUPER DOG!!!!!\

Thank you very much,
And if you enjoyed this please comment!!!

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