Little Umm From Umbridge Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland.




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Intro: Little Umm From Umbridge Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland.

I was asked to recreate this dress for a little Alice in Wonderland fan. It took so many yards of fabric I was quite surprised. I hand painted every single piece of the ribbons white daisy patterns. I appliqued  over 20 black tiny hearts. I  do not use patterns just pictures and basic measurements. So I am sorry that I do not have a pattern available for download.



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    I am going to be working on creating an actual pattern for my next instructable. for this one I just basically looked at a lot of pictures and went from there. I had to embroider the white pinstripe top layer because there was no fabric available anywhere stores or online. I would have to recommend you buy the actual fabric and the ribbon already made. you will be so happy you did.