Little Cute Thingamabob

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this is my little cute thingy, my second made-up k'nex model that didn't fall apart.

Step 1: What Will You Need?

You will need all these to make this cute model thingy
6 blue rods
8 2nd sized white rods
2 gray small cog things
2 tan clips
5 white full circle connectors
5 gray/yellow half-circles
4 dark gray connectors
If you don't get what I mean put your mouse in the yellow oblongs

Step 2: The Legs

Connect the dark gray connector with the blue rod as shown on the picture.

Step 3: Body and the Ears

Connect both of the skin-colour things onto a blue rod as shown. Connect two whight rods to the small gray cog. Then connect a white rod to a whight and gray / yellow connector. If you dont get me just look at the picture.

Step 4: Putting the Body Together

Make sure that the whight connectors with the wight rod and cog are at the end. Also make sure that the yellow / gray half circle connector with the whight rod on is in the middle to make the tail. Connect the whight circles to the ears (see step three). Connect the yellow / gray connectors to the blue rod as seen on the picture. Connect them one at a time!!!

Step 5: Finishing Off............................................................................................

Just put the legs (hilighted on piture) onto the yellow / gray half circles in the position shown.

Step 6: Finished!

Well you've finished!



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