Little Desktop Thing That May Can Keep Your Motivation Up While Searching for the World`s Formula




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Hello, this is a little thing i build a while ago from junk.

It´s a little model of the uss enterprise and i think it can help you out keeping your motivation up while motovation is down cause it´s so hard finding an alternative propulsion for the vojage to the exoplanets...or something like that.

you can use it as an cardholder or for a picture or for your name on your desk...
OK it´s not really a since projekt but i hope some of you hobby sientists or terkkies  like it

As you can see it´s pretty easy to made.

The stand is an old ring of an bearing and a little end of stainless steel welding wire.
the fuselage is an part of the burner out of my old gas stove
the powerplants are old sparkplugs and their holders are also welding wires

Just cut the wires in the lenght you like and weld them on the stand and on the spark plugs.
The holders of the sparkplugs i clamped to the body with two 6mm metric screws.
Bend  a little bit so that it looks good.


have fun rebuilding it.



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    Phil B

    6 years ago on Introduction

    It is tricky to weld the thin wires to the spark plugs, to the body from the gas stove burner, and to the ring that makes the base. It is also tricky to get all of the pieces in good alignment and keep them aligned when welding. What kind of jigs did you use? What precautions did you use to get good fusion between the thin wire and the thicker parts without burning away the wire? Thank you for sharing. This should be something any Trekky would covet.

    1 reply
    WWCPhil B

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Phil

    I don't know for sure what he used, but if i were to try it i would use an Oxy Acetylene torch and store bought rod. Tack/weld the welding wire in place. Then bend to the correct angle and cut to length.
    Looks like it was also painted silver.