Little Girls Decorative Flower Lights




Introduction: Little Girls Decorative Flower Lights

HI first let me just say I'm not very creative but still love to create I like the idea of up-cycling household item such as plastic bottles cereal boxes etc etc these former water bottles are for redecorating my niece's room she loved them i hope you enjoy making them as much as i did the supplies need are a clean water bottle scissors a small craft knife paint and a single strand of Christmas lights (not pictured) My lights were purchased at the dollar store one box included 1 strand of 20 lights so you will need to make 20 flowers or you could do every other bulb the choice is yours

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Step 1:

Using your scissors remove the paper from the bottle and cut off the top

Step 2:

Cut as many petals as you like

Step 3:

Paint ONLY the outside of each petal with the color of your choice

Step 4:

Using a craft knife slice an X on top of each bottle cap and slide a single light for every one flower you make and hang where you like (preferably next to an outlet)

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    cool - we throw out so much trash in my house that I'm trying to find creative ways to recycle. Now I have one for water bottles :o)


    4 years ago

    thats amazeing im going to make them for my room! :)


    Reply 4 years ago