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Introduction: Little Metal Butterfly

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There are several instructables showing how to make tin can butterflies this is one of my favourites:

But I wanted something free standing so here is the guide to giving your tin can butterfly a body and legs.

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Step 1: What You Need

Wire Cutters
1mm Drill bit (to match wire diameter)
Drill or Rotary tool to use bit

A tin can butterfly (see pictures on how to make one or follow link above)
Some wire (I used copper)
A Match

Step 2: Making the Body

Take you butterfly and score and snap the wings off (this is not cruel)
Take a match and lay between the wings and cut off at desired length
Shape the tip of the match for the tail
Drill two hole in the match approx 5mm from head end and 8mm from tail
Drill three holes in the wings (lay wings on top and drill both in one go)

Thread the copper wire through the tail end hole and bend to fasten
Holding the wire in place start coiling around the body from the tail tip
Once you get within 5mm of the front hole, cut a separate piece of wire about 30mm long and thread through
continue coiling the body finishing but looping the second wire at the head end
The two wires at the head can now be shaped into antenna 

Step 3: Fixing the Wing and Making Legs

Take 3 long piece of wire (about 80mm)
Wrap around the body leaving enough length for one leg (hopefully picture is clear)
Once you have all three wrapped thread wings onto the wire
Bend and shape the wire so you wings are where you want them
Then loop the long end around the short ends to make your leg pairs
Trim all legs to leg and bend for feet

Display your butterfly

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NOTE: After looking at the little fella for a while I think maybe thinner wire for legs possible also the antenna would look better.

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    This is so pretty! It looks easy enough to make! Thanks for sharing!