LittleBigPlanet Costumes! (collab?)




Because Halloween is around the corner, I decided to make an instructable on some LBP costumes!
I am hoping this will become a Collaboration and I will get many people to post their costumes here!

Here is a basic 10 step guide to getting quality Photos from LBP onto instructables!
1. Take a Photo Using poppit
2. Locate the photo and press • (square)
3.Choose the option, "Export to HDD"
4. Plug in flash drive or other similar device
5.Locate your pictures in the LittleBigPlanet folder in your XMB and in the photos section
6. Highlight your picture and select triangle
7.Select Copy
8.Choose your saving place as your device of choice
9. Plug the device into your computer
10. And lastly upload to instructables!

Step 1: Materials

                                   Sackboy Pimp Costume!

SackBoy Clothes

1Brown Knit Material. ( or other material of choice)
2. Cowboy Hat
3.Monkey King Staff (optional )
4. Black Tuxedo
5. Shoes of choice
6. Gloves (optional)

A. Purple Mountain Sticker or any other purple sticker you've amassed
B.Peacock Feather
C. Shiny/Sparkly Stuff for your optional Cane

P.S You can make your own Stickers and give your costume a personal flair or just a better shade of pimp!

Step 2: Decorating and Tips

Use your Purple Sticker on the Hat and the Pants and add in some bling to the cane!
Also, if you're not into canes, you can paint your gloves white.

I recommend making your costumes in Create Mode because its easier to zoom in on the finer details. You can also use rewind to unstick a misplaced sticker.

Also, I do not support Prostitution in any shape or form.



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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I took them from In-Game using the poppit and I exported them to HDD and then onto a flash drive.