LittleBits (Deluxe Bits) Introduction

Introduction: LittleBits (Deluxe Bits) Introduction

This summer all C@P sites will have the option to incorporate our littleBits (Deluxe Kit) in your sites individual camps. The littleBits deluxe kit allows you to create circuit connections in seconds,each kit come with over 5 million circuit combinations, 18 bits modules, 15 projects in each box, hundreds of projects online, and of course endless hours of fun! Since there are so many projects that can be done with littleBits, this instructable will serve as an introduction to the contents of the kit and what each module is used for. This will give you the opportunity to brainstorm project ideas for your camps without actually needing to have the kit on hand.

Step 1: Power Source

The first and most important step to creating your littleBits project is the power source. Each littleBits kit will come with a 9 volt battery, power cord, and a power circuit. After connecting the battery, power cord and power circuit just simply flip the switch and the device will turn on. All power modules are blue in colour which will help you identify then form the rest, all other modules are also colour coordinated making it easier to identify them. However in this kit you will only have one blue module, while the other colours will have multiple multiple modules.

Step 2: Wires

The next step in creating your littleBits project is the wire modules. Wire Modules are orange in colour and allow you to either branch out your power source to multiple modules, or to extend it further to give it more length. Wire modules are not necessary in your little bits project but they do give you more possibilities when used. The littleBits kit will include:

Inverter (1)

Latch (1)

Wire (4)

Fork (1)

Step 3: Input

The next step to your littleBits project is the input modules. Input modules are pink in colour and come in buttons, switches, and sensors. Input modules help to bring your project to life, giving you the ability to pulse, dim, and timeout your output modules (step 4). Input modules can be used before the wire modules if seeking the same effect among all connections, however if you are using a fork module for example and want a different effect in each of the 3 branched out circuits it would be best to use the input after the wire modules. The littleBits kit will come with:

Sound Trigger (1)

Slide Dimmer (1)

Button (1)

Timeout (1)

Pulse (1)

Step 4: Output (final Step)

Step 4 the final step involves the output modules. Output modules are green in colour and come in lights, and motors that convey the visual, physical + audible effect of your littleBits project. The littleBits kit includes:


Buzzer (1)

Light Wire (1)

DC Motor (1)

Servo Motor (1)

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