LittleBits Surprise Cake

Introduction: LittleBits Surprise Cake

Can't bake a cake? No problem let me teach you how to make your own "cake" in order to surprise your friends!

Materials Needed:

Little Bits pieces:

1 USB Power

2 USB cables

1 MP3 Player

1 Button

1 Cloudbit

1 Arduino

2 Wires

1 Long LED (Any color)

1 Synth Speaker

Other Tools:

1 SD Card

Any CAD program

Arduino Program

3D Printer

Lots of Time

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Step 1: 3D Printing!

A. Boot your preferred CAD program and create a new file. Then create 2 circles (you can experiment with the sizes) I made mine 3.8 and 4.2 inches,now create a circle, it has to be at least 0.3inches. After extrude your circle at the outer ring (again can alter the size) I made my extrude 1.5 inches. Finally extrude the middle circle (same as above) to 0.125 inches, but don't extrude the smallest circle. It should look like the picture above! Move on to B.

B. Finally done with CAD, now for the fun part, 3D Printing! Take your SD card and insert it into your computer and upload your file into a STL and put it on your SD. Then take your SD and put it in your 3D printer, select the file and let the magic happen!

Step 2: The Circuitry!

Now that we're done with the CAD and Printing you should probably have a lot of time waiting for it to print. But while we are waiting, we can jazz up your new cake.

A. First of all set up your Cloudbit! Cloudbit instructions can be found here just set up an account and click on cloud control and the site will take you from there

B. After your CloudBit shenanigans keep the original Cloudbit format and add a wire to the end of the Cloudbit, then connect it to an Arduino Littlebit.

C. Now for some coding! All of the steps are shown here but instead of a bar graph use your long LED, and don't move your button LittleBit next to the Arduino, leave it next to the CloudBit. (Remember to replace your buttonPin's with A0 and ledPin's with D5).

D. Now we're done with the code, hook up another wire to your new LED, and connect it to your LittleBits mp3, then connect your synth speaker to the mp3 and you are done with the set up

Step 3: Finishing Touches!

A. Now there should be a micro SD on your LittleBits MP3, take it out and put it inside your SD card adapter, and get your favorite music, and upload it to your SD. Then put the micro SD back into the MP3.

B.Now place the Cake over the Arduino and LED, so that the wires come out from both sides(It should look like the picture above). Now hook up your CloudBit, get your Cloud Control running, and press the button. Your LED should now turn on, and when you press it again, it should turn off. Also you should hear your Synth Speaker playing music. (If you don't hear your song playing, press the next or backwards buttons on your mp3 until you find it.

C. Now put it inside a room where you want to surprise your friend and turn it on!

CONGRATULATIONS YOU JUST MADE A CAKE!!! Now you can surprise anyone!

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