LittleBits's Anti Concentration Machine

Introduction: LittleBits's Anti Concentration Machine

Everybody needs a bit of silence to concentrate. This machine does the opposite: make lot if noise when there are silence.

Everybody can assamble one of them easily and without electronics knowledge.

I get this modules at MADE, at makespace in Barcelona. They are very cool and the modules are also :)

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Step 1: The Components

LittleBits's is a kit for learning electronics easily. For this project you need the 18 bits modules.

The modules can be attached ones to other without soldering and without additional components. Magnetic magic.

Step 2: Give Me the Power...

This module is the power supply for our machine. It has an interruptor and it's very straightforward so I will not explain how it works. Only connect as in the picture

Step 3: Listening Our Environment

Sensor are the eyes (and ears) of electronic devices. This module it's a sound sensor than triggers a signal when it senses sound. The more prominent part is a microphone. There are also and adjustment trimmer than can be moved with a little screwdriver.

Connect it to the precious module in the only one possible way. Follow the arrow. If you comets wrong the magnets will repel the module.

Nobody will connect firmly backwards, but like this is a stupid project maybe somebody manages to connect it wrong. Congratulations. Useless and stupidity is fun and you are the king.

In the future you will need to adjust the sensibility.

Now let's continue to the next step.

Step 4: Do (the Opposite) That I Told You

Inverters are fun.

In the previous step we have a device that outputs a digital high signal when there are sound. We want the opposite. We want to do things where there are no sound, so we use a inverter here.

Step 5: Walk to the Light

The RGB light is useful to test now the device. You can adjust the color with the trimmers.

Step 6: One for Everyone...

Connect one prolongation module and a fork. No science. No explanation. Just do it.

Step 7: The Annoying and Devious Devices...

The dinner slider can be used to attenuate signals.

The buzzer is an annoying noise maker.

Together it let you adjust the level or noise.

Step 8: Actuators

Led module, the servo module and the buzzer module ate actuators. They are the responsible to do the thing in the real work. Make lights, sounds, move things... Attach them where you want.

Step 9:

I added more cable.

It's important keep the noise making things far of the sound sensor, because it can interfere.

By the other side I added a lift wire module, because lights.

Ligths are cool and I adition it's a difficulty added for the concentration.

If you want improve this machine experiments with motors, the leds an servo mode and add a delay module and experiment with it.

Step 10: Going Further

I don't know if there are LittleBits's modules for power electronics, but a serious annoying machine must include megaphones, strobe Ligths and of course tambourines attached to the servos.

Let's make... noise.

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