Littlebits Pong

This project demonstrates the Pong game from the
Little Bits web site at Make sure you have the Arduino IDE installed
(see the SOS project for instructions).

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Step 1: Pong

Start with a power module.

Step 2: Pong

Add a fork to the power module.

Step 3: Pong

Attach a slider dimmer to the middle fork output.

Step 4: Pong

Attach a second slide dimmer to the bottom fork output.

Step 5: Pong

Attach an Arduino at Heart module
to the slide dimmers as shown.

Step 6: Pong

Attach a USB cable to the Arduino at Heart
module, and connect it to your computer

(Computer is not shown).

Step 7: Pong

Download the “Analog Pong – Arduino” file in the
Other files section at
by right-clicking the link and saving it as analog_pong_arduino.ino

Step 8: Pong

Double-click the analog_pong_arduino.ino file to
load it into the Arduino IDE.

Step 9: Pong

Press the upload button just under the Edit
menu. The lights on your Arduino at
Heart module should flash during the upload.

Download Processing from

Step 10: Pong

Extract Processing by right-clicking the download
and selecting Extract All…

Step 11: Pong

Double-click the extracted folders and
double-click “processing.”

Step 12: Pong

Download Analog Pong – Processing file from the
Other files section.

Step 13: Pong

Extract the contents of the downloaded zip file.

Step 14: Pong

Double click the Analog_Pong_Processing.pde file
from the analog_pong_processing folder.

Step 15: Pong

Click the Run button under the File menu.

Step 16: Pong

Have fun playing pong!

Press a key to start the game.

Step 17: Pong

Use the sliders to move the paddles up and down.

Step 18: Pong

After the game is over, press “r” to replay.

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