Walking Robot UMB Tech-3d Printed

Introduction: Walking Robot UMB Tech-3d Printed

About: Hello All. A great thing in all our life is SCIENCE. Whether it may be any branch but it studies and gets off a solution for the world. We all being scientist made many instructables , Let us go forward and ...

This is the world which is updating to technology day-by-day.Many scientists and other great people of different fields invented many things and discovered almost everything in this world.There are many advantages for these inventions and also disadvantages such as radiation,pollution etc., I would like to do something for this world because

I Love SCIENCE. I am Good at SCIENCE. I'll make FUTURE SCIENCE better. So i decided to make this useful project ULTIMATE MEGA BOT and I am confident that it will be an Ultimate Super Tech Advanced Low Cost Bot .I can do something to reduce Global Warming, water pollution, air pollution and etc., which will be most helpful but planting more trees reduces the global warming effectively than making an invention. I hope this simple invention can change the world little bit.I made this project with some programme created by me.For controlling this programmer I used a wireless bluetooth device and to control this programmer automatically I used sensors.The output of the programmer is 5V and motors cannot work with this small voltage.So I used L293D motor driver IC. It has 16 pins which can be connected to two motors, one programmer and to direct source(12V).For live streaming the video I used ov7670 camera module and I connected it to my Project.On the other hand I used specking module for introducing itself.Mainly I have designed many circuits for this UMB technology.Finally I have assembled all the parts to the programmer and I made this Tech UMB.

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Step 1: My Question

CONTEXT: I believe in god.God is one for every one and science is that one and only god.Praying the god is nothing but praying the science.We should not offer prayer to science, we should develop the science in as many as possible ways.This believe made me to do this project.But today the world has updated to technology.But this technology also showed negative impacts on earth like global warming, pollution, radiation etc., turning every creature into endangered.I can do something to reduce major problems like Global Warming, water/air pollution and ozone depletion. which is most helpful but planting more trees reduces all this major and other minor problems effectively than making an invention.I usually make bots.I want to do a project which has no disadvantages and very useful to the world.

QUESTION: --Is there any bot which has no disadvantages and very useful to this world involves below challenges.

Challenge-1:An low cost walking bot with inbuilt generator.

Challenge-2:A wireless programmed bot which can be operated by android (or) sensors.


I had planned to make a useful project which involves above two challenges.Then my sister offered me a idea to keep something special in your bot.Then I got an idea to add a camera which live streams a video. I have estimated the range of that wireless bluetooth device up to 100 meters.I estimated the energy produced by the generator as 1.2 V to 1.5 V.I thought this total equipment is 70$ but it was just 30$.

Step 2: Method I Tested

I have tested very thing and I observed the results of my test.Then I think twice and trice to re-design. I had implemented the idea I get after observation of a test.


Task-1:This relates to the walking, directions and balancing system with generator.Here the walking system is perfectly after one test and re-design that is mentioned in the above table. The generator gives an output up to 3 V.

Task-2:Actually problem is here.Programmer is perfectly alright with its programme. The problem is with the camera module. Its signals are too weak than bluetooth. It has a range of nearly 200 to 210 meters whereas bluetooth has nearly 500 meters. I have conducted many other test on it. It has succeeded all test. To know more talent about Tech UMB, I have conducted a big test by both sensors [when it is night] and android [usually at day time] for two days continuously without charging. I observed that there are up and downs in the charge but the average charge of battery doesn't get discharged totally. This is the big test I conducted for Tech UMB.

Step 3: Results

This Tech UMB [Ultimate Mega Bot] results have some what influenced my hypothesis.My hypothesis was wrong in Task-2 but perfectly correct in Task-1.

Task-1:This relates to the walking[sides,front and back] and balancing system with generator and two arms.There is no problem with Task-1 because everything happened according to my hypothesis expect minor things. Task-2:This relates to programmer,wireless devices,sensors and motors.I have estimated the range of bluetooth and camera up to 100 meters. Bluetooth was worked up to 500 meters.But camera was worked only for approximately 210 meters.So this influenced my hypothesis.

Step 4: Conclusion

Finally we can say that it was made up of great technology which is useful to todays world.It is very good entertainment for every person.I was inspired to do this project from insects(small creature).Small creatures have a huge amount of functions in small body.So I designed this Tech UMB as small as possible with large technology.I hope that it is the first artificial creature in this world.I have tested it for two days continuously without charging.I observed that there is no battery down in it.This is the big test I conducted for Tech UMB.

From the above observation we can conclude that UMB technology has no disadvantages and useful to todays world in the following ways:- Programmed features of Tech UMB :


UMB can introduce about itself.


It live streams a video where it goes, to our operating device.


It has an inbuilt generator.So it can self-charge its battery .This is because, the energy spent for UMB system regains back when walking.


UMB is wireless.So it radiates electromagnetic waves but in safer levels for every creature.


UMB was made up of high modern and future technology.


UMB Technology has no disadvantages.


Very low cost or cheap materials are used for building a huge modern technology.


UMB can be controlled from android phone or a PC.


It can also be kept in automatic mode so that it is controlled by sensors.


Outer most body of UMB was made up of useless iron parts.


This UMB Technology can be programmed as many times we want.


This bot looks good and Eco-Friendly in nature.

Uses of UMB Technology :

It is a good entertainment for children,adults and for old people too.It live streams a video up to a distance of 500 meters.It can be carried easily and no need of keeping charge.It introduces itself which is funny to listen.We can observe every moment of other through live up to 500 meters.Mainly it is a new modern and future technology.I was inspired from small creature.It has a huge amount of functions in small body.So I designed this Tech UMB as small with large technology.I hope that it is the first artificial creature in this world. Future Project : I want to research and make a programmed bot which functions like living organisms and do activities quite opposite to living organisms.That means living organisms excretes waste by taking fresh food and also releases urine[impure water] by drinking fresh water.I want to make a bot which intakes impure water, wet waste and releases pure water, manure and utilizing the impurities from water and chemical energy from wet waste for creating its own energy.I have planned to do this bot.Winning google science fair prize can help me to do this project.I hope I will get encouragement for Implementing this project.

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