Live Messenger Sound MOD

Introduction: Live Messenger Sound MOD

This is a tutorial, on how to piss of friends, family members or even somebody you hate so god damn much.

(this mod requires that you have physical acces to the computer)

We are aware that there are other ways of changing the messenger sounds, but this instructable tells you how to replace the "core" sounds so that people can't go back to the original messenger sounds. You can now make your favorite number play every time you open messenger, of if it is someone you hate you can do so that every time he recieves a message, messenger calls him "NEWB!!!" or something like that :-P

Step 1: Open the Folder That Contains the Sounds to Mod

Open the folder containing windows live messenger typically C:\program files\windows live\messenger

Step 2: Finding the Sounds to Exchange

This is the soundfile that plays when you send a nudge. (You can do this with all sounds like "login" and "newemail" and such, but in this example we are using the nudge)

Right-click the file and press "cut" and move the file to another place on the computer. (you can also if you don't want to risk losing the file, first press "copy" and paste it to some other directory and THEN remove the file from the messenger folder)

Step 3: Replacing the Sounds

Now you enter your music directory (My music for the newb :P ) and find some sound-file/piece of music that you want to replace the original sound with.

Drag the music-file to the messenger directory as specified at page 1.

Step 4: The Last Step

Now all there's left to do is to rename the file. Simply right-click the file and rename it "nudge" (or "login" or "newemail" or WHATEVER file it is you want to replace. just remember that the file has to have the same name as the file you want to replace.)

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    Please watch your language as this is a site used by younger people too, and altho a good prank its easy to fix by reinstalling msn... a 5 min job