Live Stream Spy Car

Introduction: Live Stream Spy Car

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In this project you will mount a camera on any RC vehicle to turn it into a spy car

When you build this you can use any camera/camcorder that has a wifi feature or wireless remote. I will be using the Eyespy Spyder cam

Step 1: You Will Need...

1. RC car

2. Any wireless recording device


Step 2: Attaching the Camera to the RC Vehicle

When attaching the camera to the RC car be sure that...

1. It's not in the way so the vehicle can't move

2. The camera is pointed at the right height and direction

3. You use least amount of tape possible so you can remove it from the RC car without wasting tape

Step 3: Drive It!!!

Once you have the spy car assembled, turn everything on and drive it!


You can also attach the viewing screen to your remote

Step 4: Troubleshooting

If your car won't move...

1.Try putting in new batteries

2. Make sure your remote is in range with the car

3. Make sure your remote is on the same frequency with the car

4. Ask the manufacturer

If your video screen won't show any footage...

1. Make sure your screen is in range with the camera

2. Ask manufacturer

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    i want purchase this.please contact me on my email please reply me fast

    Orange Shadow
    Orange Shadow

    Reply 5 years ago

    The camera is called the eyespy spyder cam. You can find it on amazon for about 30 bucks. The rc car is called the new bright rock crawler. If your buying the camera for yourself, I don't reckoned it because it terrible video quality. Although, it's a great present for Christmas.