LiveStrong Bicycle Flashlight


Introduction: LiveStrong Bicycle Flashlight

Simple, really. Take a Lance Armstrong "LiveStrong" bracelet, and stretch it around a flashlight like the picture shown. If you don't have a Lance bracelet, then use any similar rubber bracelets. In the picture shown, I am using a 1-Watt Luxeon flashlight, commonly found for about $10US, nowadays.

I don't think this would endure the rigors of mountain biking, but it certainly would work for road bikes. If you are worried about it possibly falling out, then attach a lanyard (strap) to the end of it, and loop that around your handlebar, then pull it through, before mounting the light. Then if it comes loose, it will simply be dangling from your handlebars.

By the way, in my opinion, Lance Armstrong is the finest cyclist in the world.



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    pretty cool idea im thinking of having somthing on that done on my fourwheeler thanks for the ideas

    ha, this is the exact same thing i did on my bike a couple weeks ago.  i was just trying to find the time to make an 'ible on it

    Excellent idea! We went on a bike trail that had a 1 mile, unlit, train tunnel on it. Buying cheap lights would have set me back $100, and we'd probably never use them again. Your idea only cost me about $8 (for the bands) and the flashlights can go back into the house for other uses. I added a 2" x 1" (OD) clear, heavy, vinyl tube to the housing of the light to help it stick better to the handlebar and provide a little cushion. The tube fits snug over the flashlight and held it in place nicely on the 15 mile trail. Thanks!


    Ha! This is perfect! Funny enough, I'm trying to mount THE EXACT SAME FLASHLIGHT. Seems like the light might slip if it wasn't on a padded handlebar though...May I can slip something around it. Thanks for the 'ible!

    It works great!! Sometimes the best ideas are simple...

    This is a suh-weet solution for me. Every year one of my daughters enters the bike rodeo at school. In order to get full points for safety, she (they) has to have a headlight. Before now I would get out there and wrap my minimag flashlight with rope to hold it on. Then because it's so much work to take it off, I usually leave it on until the flashlight gets broken banging against something in the garage. I like this a lot better. Who knew these wristbands could be recycled?

    I think this is a good idea if you don't have a real 'bike light' handy and need light. I'm going to remember it! I'm going to see what the highest wattage is of some of the flashlights on the market. I hate having to lug that huge heavy Road Rat battery I have around for my 10w bike light...

    That's all you got? It sucks eggs? Boy, I bet your mom is proud.

    it sucks eggs