Living Chic and Cheap; Redone Mini Guest Dresser

Introduction: Living Chic and Cheap; Redone Mini Guest Dresser

About: This summer I graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology and moved to Tampa with my finance, who just started his first year of grad school at USF. I love to make...

Just a week ago, my finance and I moved from Indiana to Tampa. We decided to get a two bedroom apartment so that family and friends can visit as often as possible. Unfortunately, we only had a bed for the room - and a budget. While doing some thrifting at a local Goodwill Superstore (the Goodwills are amazing here by the way), we found a small wooden night stand for $15. We thought would be perfect for a small dresser in the guestroom. But for those who don't know, I am extremely OCD and anal about how things look together in a room, so I decided to redo the bed and new dresser to match. 
I decided to decorate the room with different shaded of yellow, with white accounts. Through my obsession with reading crafting blogs, I came up with the idea to use wallpaper brushed with Mod-Podge to line the shelves. Before I could go shopping for the perfect wallpaper design, I found an atlas poster during another thrifting trip and decided to use it inside. To tie the dresser into the rest of the room, I chose to use two different shades of yellow.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I love the color choice. The hardest thing for me is deciding on colors. Also love the map drawer liners. Perfect.