Living Dead Girl Photo Transformation

Introduction: Living Dead Girl Photo Transformation

This is my edited a picture of my Halloween Makeup! Follow these 10 steps to learn how to DIY!

Step 1.  Go to
Step 2. Upload your photo
Step 3. Click on the tab "seasonal"
Step 4. click on "halloween"
Step 5. Apply " vampire eyes" to your eyes. Choose your colour, and click and drag over eyes. Adjust the "fade" for a more natural or supernatural look. If you mess up, dont worry, just click on the eraser!
Step 6. Click on " halloween textures". First, select one of the textures to apply to your photo. When you have found the right one, use the "fade" to bring your original photo through and blend with the texture. In advanced mode, you can choose a variety of setting that will change how the texture blends with the photo. Also, be sure to play around with the arrow buttons to find the right fit for your photo!
Step 7. Click on the "text" tab. Choose a font that matches your photo, choose a colour, and add your text! You can use the "size" slider to adjust the text to your desired size.
Step 8. Click on the tab "frames". Choose a frame you would like and apply it to your photo.
Step 9. Click" save and share". You now have the option to save your photo to your computer, facebook, twitter or flickr.

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