Interactive Zipper With LEDS




Introduction: Interactive Zipper With LEDS

About: Interactive Wearable Technology Designer

Wearable soft computations that makes the pocket interactive.

The LED Pocket Project is created by making your garments look more alive with a simple and flexible circuit.

Once you start to unzip, the LEDs on the pocket start to a light up according the position of the zipper.

Materials Needed:


-Copper tape

-13 White LEDS

-3V Battery

-Battery Holder

- T-shirt



-Black tape

-Adhesive tape

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Step 1: Make Your Circuit on the Zipper

First, i drew my circuit to understand how it does really work, as you can see from the illustration. Once you unzip, the LEDs light up. Because the zipper allows the flow of the circuit from power to ground. Btw, the zipper and the teeth of the zipper are conductive. So, zipper is the switch to light up the LEDs.

So, let's use the copper tape to make the circuits as you can see from the illustration onto the zipper. Make sure to put the copper tape on the sides of the teeth of the zipper. Otherwise there can't be a flow. Let's make the circuit using 13 LEDs or more (depends on how many LEDs you want use).

Step 2: Hide the Battery and Put Everything Together

As you can see from the first image is that i soldered two wires to the sides of the battery holder. After that, i soldered the power wire of the battery holder on the positive side on the copper tape. For the ground, i soldered the ground wire of the battery holder on the ground side on the cooper tape. As you can see from the second and the third photos,I cut two tiny holes to hide the battery holder and the wires inside the T-shirt. Then, I taped the zipper on the chest side of the T-shirt.

Step 3: Final Step Is the Decoration Step!

I taped the feathers and the wool to hide the copper tape. Ps: You can decorate the way you wish.

Step 4: Omg I Have the Coolest Pocket Ever!

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    Wow that's so cool that you can use a zipper a like that! I love the detail with the feathers as well! Thanks for sharing!

    Fission Chips

    Whoa! You bet I am going to make this. This could be a great way to light yourself up while biking/running at night!