Living Room Renovation




Introduction: Living Room Renovation

It is a few years old project.

I also made TV stand and hi-fi cabinet under tv.

Step 1: Before

New TV and hi-fi was more important than new living room, so I bought them first:)))

Step 2: Under Construction

Matt black walls:))

Curtins and table are from Ikea.

Step 3: That's It

I know, there's a lot of space for improvements. But this was not my apartment and I had very limited budget.

Step 4: Thank You



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    Hi, I thought the yellow room was the "after". You might want to put the completed room on the title page! Looks great! Thank you for sharing your hard work.

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    The yellow room have more positive colors for people so is more atractive for eyes. So I hope this is great recipe for a lot of clicks :))