Load Away

Introduction: Load Away

How many times have you, yes you, gone to the bathroom and have done all your business, but realize their is not any toilet paper left. Have no fear the solution is here. Many people throughout America have used the restroom and have realized that there is no toilet paper. Our product, Load Away, is about to revolutionize the toilet market industry. Our product is a indicator of when you are about to run out of toilet paper. The beauty of our product is the simplicity and flawless design. Our pole is using the idea from stoplights to show consumers when they are about to run of out toilet paper. Once you see the red part of the pole, this will cause a spark in your brain to add more rolls so you never run out. With great design and smart thinking, we have created a new way to view the toilet market industry. This will take about 3-4 hours to make, depending on your craftsmanship. Work with a partner and have fun.

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Step 1: The Basic Needs

Since it is simple you only need a few supplies to build this design.

The Supplies:

  1. A pole (2-3 feet)
  2. 3 colors (green, yellow, red)
  3. A cup (any cup will do)
  4. Cutting tools
  5. rocks (a dozen)
  6. Tape and tin foil.

Step 2: Step One

This is the really easy step of your design. All you have to do is slowly color your pole equally into 3 parts. Apply the colors green, yellow, and red to the pole. This will serve as the indicators for the consumer. With this step you need patience and stamina. Even though this is a easy step, it takes quiet a while to do, because you need to have great craftsmanship. Working with a partner can be fun, and will make the experience more enjoyable, because time will go faster and also you will not get bored. Take your three primary colors and start painting. Make sure you have a cup of water to clean your brush every now and then. As you can see in the pictures the bland pole, slowly starts to have color.

Step 3: The Pole

Now that your pole is finished, you need to create the base. The base will require a lot of time because you have to be precise and accurate. Try not to get frustrated and just be calm with it. Slowly apply the paint on the pole in even thirds.

Step 4: BAM

The finished pole with all its color. Now you have a good indicator of when your toilet paper will run out.

Step 5: The CUP

Step 1: Make a hole into the back of the cup

Step 2: Get 2 pieces of tin foil

Step 3: Take two cups and super glue them together. Make sure the side with the hole is at the top.

Step 4: Then apply tin foil around it, to add a nice chrome finish to it. Make sure you smooth out your tin foil so it has nice craftsmanship.


If you just apply the rod to the base it will not stand. Running low on money? Not a problem! Just add rocks to your base, and then make sure the rod is in the base before you start adding the rocks.

Step 7: Load It Up

Now you have our product... LOAD AWAY!!!!!! Just add toilet paper to Load away and put it in your bathroom.

Step 8: Enjoy!

Now all you have to do is sit back, and relax while Load Away does its job.

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