Lobo Quick Photoshop Tutorial

Introduction: Lobo Quick Photoshop Tutorial

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As a freelance artist I am often asked how to photo-shop an image to create a new artistic piece, yes it takes time and creativity to do a photo-manipulation, so it is another form of art. The image uploaded shows a quick step by step guide.

There are many programs that feature a multy layer way to editing or creating an image, for this oneI used the basic photoshop program.

1.- You need to look for images where you can select the pieces you will need to create your idea.

It is better to take your own pictures, but there are a lot of royalty free images available. In this case I used a wallpaper of a welll known wrestler, but since I was not going to use it as a lucrative means nor use his name or "main image" this will do. I also got a jacket from an online store and some other little things that I forgot where I got them from.

2.- Clean up the image, the best way is to use the selector or if you have patience you can just use the brush. Notice how the background eraser actually helps inthis case.

3.- After you have the images cleaned you can select them and eithwer anipulate with the Transform tool or liquify feature. them posoition them accordinly in your image.

4.-To color the items or the image there are several tools in your particular program that you may be able to use, play with them and see what works better for you. In this case I used the color, multiply and for the lighter skin I used the screen feature.

5.-It is easier to work with each part separately then combine so that you do not have many layers open and get confused.

6.- After it is done you can create of get anther royaty free image to add the background.

In this case I used the classic Lobo logo and a space fantasy wallpaper.

Lobo is trademarked by DC Comics and the Wrestler image is also licensed by WWE. (I think I am not a fan of wrestling).

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