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Introduction: Lobster Antennae Bracelets/Rings

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 Here are pictures of a bracelet that I made while in Gloucester, MA having lobster with my family. My aunt and I don't really like lobster, so while sitting bored she showed me her amazing technique that turns antennae into art, all while sitting at the dinner table.

The materials for making the bracelet are simple, because you only need a bunch of lobster antennae.  
To make this you need at least 12 antennae for a young child's bracelet, 14 antennae for a skinny person's bracelet or 16 antennae for a average adult's bracelet you can begin making links in the bracelet's chain.

To make the links, snap each of the antennae to about 4-5 inches long from the fat end of the antenna. Then use a tooth pick or some other similar implement to remove as much of the meat in the antenna as you can, making the antenna in a big straw. Once mostly clear, you can suck out the rest of the meat using your mouth. Once all clean, you can form the links by slowly pushing the skinny end of the shortened antenna in the the fat end of the antenna. Then join the links by forming each new link through the previous link until you only have one antenna left. Then you take that last antenna and use it to join both ends of the bracelet together.

To test out the bracelet for size, you want it to seem way too big while you are making it. The antennae shrink, so if you intend on wearing your art into the future, you want to make sure that it shrinks to your size, just like a t-shirt might shrink in the dryer, but more extreme. Also don't be worried by the stark red color of the bracelet to begin with. After drying, then bracelet becomes a classy salmon color, while still being all cool and natural.

*If you have a lot of lobster, you could potentially make this idea into a necklace, or if you only have one, you can use one link to make a ring. But remember that the antennae shrink, so you would want the ring to be loose while being made.*

Sadly, I don't have the photos to fully document this, but I do have the finished result. 

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    5 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    i didnt think it would actually be made of lobster when i saw the picture! intresting...
    where do you get lobster antenae anyway?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Sounds... Expensive :o

    But otherwise a pretty and nice instructable.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Well yes and no. If you are being served lobster at a party it is free. If you are going out to eat anyways and you ask people at other tables for their antennae, it only costs you your dignity. If you buy lobsters just to do this Instructable, then it is expensive.