Lock and Tube Necklaces

Introduction: Lock and Tube Necklaces

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This instructable will teach you how to make 2 easy but cool looking necklaces made out of things you most likely have at home!

For this instructable you will need:
. Glitter Tube with lid (can be found in toys like totally me which use glitter)
. Small diary lock
. String and ribbon ( colour of them is your choice)
. Water
. Food colouring
. Drinking straw
. Toilet or tissue paper(optional)
. Glitter (optional)

Step 1: Making the Potion Necklace

First fill the tube with water 3 quarters full and add the food colouring with the drinking straw you don't want to add to much because then the colour will go very,very dark! Then rip up the toilet or tissue paper into very small pieces and add some pieces of the toilet/tissue paper into the tube(optional)Then you can add some glitter too (optional). Then tie a piece of string about the size of a 30cm ruler around the tube(beware: if you push the string down or upwards it may it will move but when it's hanging on your neck it won't move! (It might move a little bit) then tie both ends of the string into a tight knot (preferably a double knot).

Step 2: The Lock Necklace + Finished

For the lock necklace all you need to do is thread the ribbon(colour of your choice) through the part on the lock that opens(not sure what it's called) and tie both ends of the ribbon to each other (preferably a double knot).
Then your done making the lock necklace!


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