Lock Picking Stand

Introduction: Lock Picking Stand

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I was messing around one day picking locks and decided to make a stand for different locks to practice picking on.
I have a dead bolt, turn paddle lock, key paddle lock, and a few other basic locks. I use basic picking tools, such as bobby pins, paper clips, and small bendable metal wires. I made the frame out of scrap wood I had lying around. I got a small tool box to keep all my picking stuff organized.

Only pick locks you have permission, do not use for criminal intent. This is only for personal knowledge.

you''ll have to get one of these

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

saw- cutting wood to right length
drill- drilling holes adding screws
drill bit - to cut holes for locks
pliers- bending paper clips

1 peice of wood- for front piece
2 peices of wood-side pieces
1 piece of wood back top piece



paper clips

bobby pins

coat hanger

wood wedge

Step 2: Build the Stand

Building the stand or frame was pretty easy. I started with standard piece of wood that I used for the front/face of the stand. Then I added a pieces of wood to each side for the side and support. I have theses the same height so that I added a thinner piece of wood ontop of these for a place to set the lock tool box. I pre-drilled the holes where I attached the screws.

Step 3: Install Locks

To install the dead bolt I used a door knob drilling kit i had. It has a bit that you use to drill out the hole for the lock to fit in. Then you are going to need to cut a hole for bolt of the lock to come out threw just like installing on actual door.

I added

Step 4: Picks and Practice

Your going to need pics in order to open the locks, I use store bought picks, bobby pins, paper clips, old hotel room keys, anything you can think of that will fit in the lock slot that is strong yet bendable.

Step 5: For Cars:

Being able to get into your car if you lock your keys inside can be very helpful. Only break into your own car. I am not encouraging you do otherwise. I use a wedge made of wood that can be used to put in in between the frame of the car and the door. Once you have the wedge in there this will leave a gap for your clothes hang to fit threw to unlock your locks. Bend your hanger in the best way to hook your lock for unlocking.

Don't break into any lock that you don't have permission to. Do at your own risk.

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