Locked Your Keys in Your Car?





Introduction: Locked Your Keys in Your Car?

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I will be using a 1991 Ford Ranger. Yes she's is a little dirty.

Step 1: Keys on the Seat.

This will only work if you have left the window open a little bit.

Step 2:

Yup it's locked.

Step 3: Access Device

Undo your windshield wiper by pulling on the tab and pulling straight off

Step 4:

Reach in through the gap in the window and hook your key ring, fob or in my case, lanyard, with the end of the wiper arm.

Step 5:

Pull your keys through

Step 6:

Replace the blade by pressing down onto the knob.

Step 7:

Open your door. Done.



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    ouch, looks impossible, amazing work, next time i would use a rock.

    If its a truck, see if it has a window in the back of the cab. N then we just got them out with a stick we found

    I would intentionally lock my keys in the car in my younger years

    I used a coin (the US Dime worked best) to remove the license plate which I would use as a slim-jim device to unlock the doors.

    Why you may ask? I would do this when out at the bar under the impression that if I was sober enough to succeed, I was sober enough to drive

    dude I removed the keys from ma locked car all windows rolled up jus with the wiper....n ya u can also jus use a scale(ruler) to open it jus slide it near da lock of da window for god sake who is gonna remember to keep da window open a lil bit rather Id not forget ma keys.

    Thanks for the tip Great idea. Keeping a brick in the bed of the truck will also work. In case of emergency, throw it through your window. Wala :P

    Thanks for the tip dontno!

    If all the windows are rolled up. You can use a wooden wedge to pry open the top of the door a bit and a wire coat hanger or other device to unlock the vehicle. Saw the local Fire Dept. do this years ago.

    Great idea hdmotorc! I have been meaning to get an extra key cut to do the same thing.

    Nice. I keep an extra key that will ONLY unlock the door yet will not start the truck , zip tied under neath to the frame.