Locker Hack From an Old Hutch




Introduction: Locker Hack From an Old Hutch

This is an easy update for any room of the house. Old china hutches are the perfect solution for all of the school work mess that tends to pile around the house. It stores books, supplies, backpacks, and even lunchboxes. Convert one now in less than five minutes!

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Step 1: Supplies and Prep

All you need is a 2x4 the width of the hutch,hooks, screws and a screw driver. Yep, that's it!

Remove all shelves except the very top one.

Adjust top shelve to allow plenty of room for books and lunchboxes. Make sure it is low enough for an easy reach!

Measure out equal distances between hooks and mark before drilling. Drill hole, but do NOT attack hooks yet!

Step 2: Make It Useful!

Store necessary school supplies and books to add order to your life. Happy studying!

Step 3: Add Support

Behind the hutch add a wood board (2x4 would work fine) to give the back more strength. This way if the backpacks are heavy, it wont cause problems.

Attach the board where you would like to attach the hooks. Then screw the hooks in on the other side.

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    3 years ago

    Nice looking and practical solution for a family (or roommates). Glass doors could be changed to cork boards for family members' schedules, calendars, grocery/to do lists (although much more work). Thank you for sharing! Voted