Loft Bed

Introduction: Loft Bed

Add twin bed to an armoire from the freeway and a desk from a trailer park dumpster.

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Step 1: Find Free Furniture

Choose the solid pieces. Free is best. Check flea markets, local ads, freeways, & dumpsters.

Step 2: Cleanup & Strengthen

You're kid is going to sleep on this and probably bang it up. So, make it clean and sturdy. This piece was too tall. It was cut down and the new top made sturdy enough to hold a small loft bed.

Step 3: Paint

Paint everything.

Step 4: Secure 3 Pieces

Securely attach all pieces

Step 5:

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    4 months ago on Step 5

    I have become addicted to getting free furniture to cannibalize! I stopped at a curbside with free furniture - and this desk was complete crap - but had super nice drawer slides - the ones that extend out beyond the end of the drawer... so I snarffled that sucker right on up! Just the drawer slides alone would have cost me easy $15 bucks each set. It was ugly as sin, but good wood can be sanded down to pretty again. I'm going to build my kid something similar but with a full size mattress. Still searching for that perfect piece to snag and transform. Thanks for the Instructable! I love it. You did an amazeballs job - great finds! Happy cannibalizing! LOL


    3 years ago

    Very nicely done! I love seeing great transformations like this. Thanks for sharing!