Loft Bed Fort

Introduction: Loft Bed Fort

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Step 1: Find Your Space

Find the spot to make your fort and clean it up. Make it look pretty.

Step 2: Run the Wires

Take the extension cords and run them to wherever you might need an outlet. For me that would be for my keurig and lamp

Step 3: Furnish and Add Things

Add the furniture and accessories to your fort clean it up. Make it functional to your needs.

Step 4: Add the Curtain

This is the fort part of the fort add a blanket, a sheet, or whatever is long enough to go down the length of the bed. Push part under the bed to hold it there and then use a pool noodle sliced down the middle on side at use that to secure the blanket to the bed. The noodle also helps protect your head from hitting the bed

Step 5: Enjoy

The step explains it.

Step 6:

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