Loft Ladder

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This ladder was built for a loft but the directions can be used to make a regular ladder. Regular ladders should be wider so adjust the width of the steps to suit your needs.

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Step 1: Steps and Rails

This ladder was made for a loft that is eight and a half feet high. Adjust the length of the rails if your loft is a different height.

Cut nine pieces of 2 x 3, 15 inches long.

Cut two pieces of 2 x 4, nine feet long. Cut the bottom of these rails on a 15 degree angle. Put a mark at every foot measuring up from the bottom. This will be the top of every step. Lay the two rails so that they are a mirror image and draw a 15 degree line at every mark. Take one of the steps, place it along the first line and trace around it. Repeat with every other line.

Step 2: Cutting in the Dados

Using a router set at 3/8 inches, cut out every step.

Step 3: Inserting the Steps

Lay the two rails side by side and put glue on the inside of every cutout. Insert the first step and put a two inch screw in from both sides. Insert the rest of the steps and screw all of them in with two screws at each joint.

Step 4: Angle Brackets

Screw a 90 degree angle bracket to the top of each rail. This is to hook over the edge of the loft.

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    Thanks. I was thinking about putting it on a pulley so I could get it out of the way when it isn't in use but I didn't have enough room.