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Introduction: Log Coaster

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The log coaster are a pretty cool project to make. This project is basically free. I found a log that I used to make mine. There are a couple different ways you can make these. I made a set of four make as many as you want. You can make the width of the coasters to what ever size you want. I used a fairly circular log. I used a hand saw to cut the log which is nice. Staining and adding a clear coat is a great way to make them look even nicer. I took the bark off my coaster you could leave the bark on for another cool look.

Can cut them with just this

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies


hand saw

sand paper

finishing sander

wood stain

clear coating


Step 2: Find/Cut Log

The log that you use will determine the circumfrance of the coaster. Make sure the log is not to wide in circumfrance. A round log looks nice but doesn't have to be perfectly circle, I think it not being perfectly circle looks cool. Start with your log and determine the part of the log you want to use and start cutting. The important thing here is to make sure you have a straight cut. I used a hand saw and it cut threw pretty fast. Cut all the way threw the log keeping a straight cut. I made the width of my coaster about a half inch width. Make sure when making your second cut it is even with the first cut you made, otherwise you coaster will not sit flat when finished. Do this will all the coaster you want to cut. Make sure you're cut are straight because each cut you make on the log will be one side of a coaster.

Step 3: Sanding Staining

Once you have your coaster cut you can start to finalize them. I decided to take the bark off the coaster I made. To do this a chissil works really good but get by with a knife or flat headed screw driver. Then you want to sand down the coaster. I used a finishing sander and a finer grit sand paper. Since i took off the bark I sanded the sides as well as the top and bottom. Depending on how you want your finished coaster to look will determine your next step. If you want to stain them to that now. Otherwise go ahead and add your clear coat. Once the clear coat dries you can leave them or even add a paint design to them. Use a brush and spread on the stain evenly. Make sure to get all sides and the top and bottom.

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