Log Fairy House

Introduction: Log Fairy House

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Tools & Stuff...

A large log; this can really be any size, but I chose one which stands (on it's own) about 18" tall with about a 10" diameter. I have seen a few of these types of things made directly on an old (still planted) tree stump, which I think is a brilliant way to decorate what is possibly a garden eye-sore.

Saw (I used a standard carpenters saw, but think that a heavy duty bow saw would have been easier)



Drill and large forstner or spade bit

Wood Glue (or Epoxy resin) to stick parts in place

Door & Window Components

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Step 1: How It Was Made...

I cut the top of this log to a shape which is 'roof' styled and pinned on pieces of an old, fallen fence to create a roof.

I laser-cut the the doors and windows with a very simple design, from re-sawn 2x4" timber. If you don't have access to a laser cutter, these could easily be made by drawing the design onto timber and cutting with a coping saw.

Behind each window and the window in the door, I drilled out a deeper hole, using a 45mm forstner bit and chiselled out the additional material so that I could recess them into place. A couple of dots of epoxy to make sure they stay in place. Brushed on a couple of coats of dark wood stain and a coat of varnish to help protect the wood from the elements. For a first attempt, this was a very simple project and the kids are fascinated by our new garden feature and the idea that fairy houses come to life at night.

Step 2: What Next...?

My mind is ticking for the next one and I have various ideas that will make a much better version 2, which will include splitting the log vertically, so that I can hollow it out and hinge the two parts together.

With access to the innards of the log, I see that each window will give a view into a room with some small pieces of furniture, etc., to make it look a little more realistic.

I am sure that I can somehow incorporate one of those solar garden lights inside, so that it appears to light up (from inside) at night.

Also, adding more to the outside, including stairs to an upper door, a balcony and etching more detailed items will great improve the final appearance.

Hindsight tells me that I should have put the door higher up (not at the very bottom) as the visibility is a little obscured when the log is standing in amongst the garden plants.

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