Log Reindeer

Introduction: Log Reindeer

Utilising the spare windfall from recent storm, create a Christmas reindeer sculpture to surpass any shop bought mass produced ones.

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Step 1: Logs...

find a log to suit the 'body' size diameter of your chosen reindeer.
The log should be 2ft long.
Baby reindeer would need an bout 3" diameter.
Adult reindeer would need about 4 - 5" diameter.

Step 2:

saw off a 1/4 of the length to be the head.

Step 3:

saw off a 1/4 of the length to be the head.

Step 4: Cut Off the Head.

saw off a 1/4 of the length to be the head.

Step 5:

using 2 different size hole bore drills..

use a 1" drill to bore holes where the neck will join the head and body

use a 1/2" drill to bore 4 holes for the legs underneath the body.

Step 6: Extras..

use the 3 pieces cut off from the head...

the large piece can be attached to the rear of the reindeer body as it tail.

the 2 small side slices can be fixed to the site of the head as ears.

Step 7: Put It All Together...

finally put all the pieces together.

whittle the end of the legs and neck sticks down to a suitable size to firmly fit into the required holes.

then push and twist all the sticks into the holes. finally putting the head on last.

Step 8: Finishing Touches

hang a small nail above the nose on the front and hang a shiny red bauble, and a twist of tinsle in the antlers.

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