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This is a rustic sink I made out of a log. This is a 3 to 4 day project. This is my first instructable so I apologize if its a bit rough.

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Step 1: Find a Suitable Log.

Find a suitable hardwood log and a couple strong friends. My log weighed a couple hundred pounds.

Step 2: Cut, Square, and De-bark

I cut my log 32" tall and made sure the top and bottom were level. I then began to de -bark the log. I used a flat chisel then sanded the log.

Step 3: Cut Out the Back.

You will need to hollow out the log to allow room for the plumbing. I cut wedges with a chainsaw which I then chiseled out. If you don't know how to safely use a chainsaw then this is not the project for you!

Step 4: Hollow Out the Basin

I measured out the depth and size of the basin and used a spade bit to begin removing material. I then used a chisel to clean it up and create a hole for the drain. Please note that chisels are darn sharp and hitting your hand repeatedly with a hammer hurts!

Step 5: Mark and Drill the Fixture

Mark and drill the holes for the water feeds. I had to use a hand auger due to the depth of the hole needed.

Step 6: Set It Up!

Set the sink bowl in a bed of adhesive and set the fixture. I coated mine with a couple clear coats of polyurethane and called it done. Be safe and enjoy!

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    6 years ago

    Nice work bet that was a few full on days of attack!!
    I have built a few pairs of log speakers and found teak oil for a first coat and Danish oil to finish works well for a durable waterproof coating that can just be wire wooled and refinished if it ever does start to taint unless you are going for the pure rustic look. But superb use for a big log hope more people take inspiration from you...!


    Reply 5 years ago



    6 years ago

    make sure to put some type of coating on it or itll start to rot